Take Action Now!

We encourage current students, incoming freshmen, graduates and alumni to live the legacy of the graduation pledge in many ways. The commitments and efforts we make each day make a difference. As a community, our efforts add up to so much more. We believe that collaboratively and kindly we can change the world we live in. 

  • Engage in positive change on our campus by attending events to expand your knowledge about social and environmental issues that we face today
  • Bring your own mug, water bottle, utensils and containers for food and beverages while on campus
  • Use the OZZI program at University Center's Dining Services locations
  • Get your school supplies at the Waste Reduction & Resource Awareness Program's Reusable Office Supply Exchange [ROSE]
  • Limit your time in the shower to conserve water
  • Wash and sort your recycling
  • Compost food scraps 
  • Turn on lights only when necessary and always turn them off before leaving a room
  • Connect with socially and environmentally conscious organizations! Just to name a few:

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