The Graduation Pledge all started in 1987 with the efforts of the Student Citizens for Social Responsibility, a campus club with community members. Their passion about the health and society of our world, and concern for the current status quo, inspired the movement for the Graduation Pledge campaign. Their hard work soon led to student, faculty and community support.

On April 27-28, 58% of students voting called for the pledge to be offered in the 1987 graduation ceremonies. Associated Students sponsored the Graduation Pledge Alliance. Soon following on May 5, with less than two weeks before graduation, organizers presented the Humboldt Faculty Senate with 40 faculty signatures and an Associated Students Resolution that asked them to call upon those planning the commencement ceremonies to include the voluntary pledge of social responsibility. The response was clear, the professors unanimously endorsed making the pledge available at graduation. The community support also stood behind the pledge. On May 20th, the Arcata City Council officially endorsed the pledge, even sending a letter to the administration of Humboldt, encouraging them to keep the pledge as a traditional part of all future graduation ceremonies.

A year later, faculty senate chair Lloyd Fulton commented:

"When we voted to support the pledge option, we thought we were just voting on a little piece of paper. Little did we know that it would turn into a national movement".

…Since then our Pledge has spread to over 100 campuses worldwide.

The Graduation Pledge is now funded by Forever Humboldt and efforts are coordinated by the Associated Students Graduation Pledge Alliance. Apply to join the Alliance and help spread the word about the Pledge!