The HSU Pledge

Born from the Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility, the Humboldt Pledge encourages students of all standing, as well as faculty and staff, to get involved on our campus and in our community. There has been tremendous support and enthusiasm for the Grad Pledge at Commencement ceremonies since 1987, but students felt they didn’t want to wait for graduation to be thinking about ways to make a positive impact.

"I pledge, as an Humboldt community member, to discover the social and environmental consequences of my choices and I will engage in positive change on our campus and in our community."

The Humboldt Pledge is a simple reminder that students, faculty, staff and alumni have the power to build our campus into one that we’re all are proud of. The Humboldt Pledge is represented by a yellow ribbon, meant to be worn proudly. This is an opportunity for students and faculty to connect with one another and share ideas on how we can make our campus more environmentally friendly and socially aware. When your graduation day arrives, transfer your yellow ribbon onto your gown to compliment your classic green Graduation Pledge ribbon.

All members of the Cal Poly Humboldt community are encouraged to take the Humboldt Pledge, if they are so moved.  Click the "Take the Pledge" button to the right. 

Recently Pledged

Rachel Klena
Dylan Harrison
Earl Sweatshirt
Joe Daddy
Dylan Siegel
Brian Law
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Shari Wilkie
rachel morales
Matthew Dierolf
Sam Shea
Karlee Jackson
Emily Read
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Ashley Hansen
Jolien Olsen
Shawna Young
Erica Rodriguez
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Lexis Gillette
Barbara Mallari
Alana Best
Kathy Hudson
Camryn Hanf
Jennifer Bird
Sara Groban
Jasmine Ibarra
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Ricky Rhain
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Vivian Castillo
Bianca Gomez
Hector Aguilar
Lisa Borrallo
Sara Thornton
Kathy Hudson
Kathy Hudson
Anna Nelson
Teena Hansen
Ryan Villafuerte
Mikayla Martin
Jessica Chick
Timothy Tizon
Jessica Tizon
Michele Tizon
Donald Trump
Alyx Morgan
Yo Mama
Tree lives Matter
Zachary Ruybal
Heather MacRoberts
Mya Esquivel
Alex Budesa
Marléne Mort Berg
Ashley Shannon
Corabelle Esmailian
Matthew Brown
Betsy Rogers
Dorrie Sweetwood
Josefina Barrantes
Dorrie Sweetwood
Jourden Lamar
Steve McIntire
Krissi Fiebig
Crystal McKinney
Jerry Swider
Patricia Flanagan
Maudesty Merino
keith wayne garcia
Nicholas-David Cole
Whitney Vickers
Sarah Woodbury
Amanda Jauregui
Samantha McGinley
Grace Remillard
Sylvia Ferrara
Mariela Telix
Cara Henaghen
Naomi Zamudio
Kristina Kunkel
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Caitlyn Still
Jamie Dickison
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Monique Moreno
Breannah Rueda
Krista Mashburn
Corabelle Esmailian
Megan Moore
Elmer Rodriguez
Casey Park
Sarah Kanga Livingstone
Korinza Shlanta
Numair Khaled '15 Philosophy
Numair Khaled
Elizabeth Truong
Corey Grant
Paul Hilton
Angela Rose Edmunds, C.O. 2016
Trine Kristiansen, Biology 1991
Elena Kennedy
Mikayla Taylor
Alexis Galvan
Jan Marnell
Stephanie Lane
Tessa Lance
Erika Gonzalez Granadino
Sonya Navarro